Creed Royal Princess Oud – Review (2015)

Creed Royal Princess Oud – Review (2015)

Creed Royal Princess Oud Review – 2015
This one is geared towards a younger feminine crowd and Westernized consumer, with notes of bergamot, rose, sweet violet, jasmine, vanilla, aldehyde, herbaceous patchouli, iris, benzoin and sandalwood. Royal Princess Oud was just debuted this September. This one is Woody, a bit sweet, balsamic, somewhat floral and a tiny bit powdery. Warm spicy, sensual, inviting, romantic, mysterious and calming, all wrapped in this gorgeous bottle!
Good performing fragrance and extremely well-balanced scent. Believe it or not, we get a similar vibe to AVENTUS as this develops after the first hour and a half to the 2 hour mark, it’s almost like a feminine version, more sweeter version of Aventus!
Final Rate: ****


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  1. Gold Mawf
    Gold Mawf says:

    How about "Love in Black" by Creed. I’m a man and I wear it. Smells amazing on my skin. Floral, berry, inky, musky vibe. Slept on imo

  2. scorchedcandy
    scorchedcandy says:

    This stuff almost knocked me out on a hot day (my mistake) but it is stunning during cooler weather

  3. Lazzplayz Perez
    Lazzplayz Perez says:

    My wife absolutely adores this one, though she favors indigo from bond no.9’s new dubai lines over all women fragrances at the moment.

  4. MUfever
    MUfever says:

    Quick question. Does the sprayer have the creed name does other bottles, perfectly centered with the sprayer ( know what I mean??!!). I purchased from what I thought was a discount trusted seller but this leaves me skeptical. Thx.

  5. Lanier Smith
    Lanier Smith says:

    Wonderful review. Love the addition of your wife. This is one that I really want to smell. Sounds interesting and indeed a head turner. Cheers and Fabulous!

  6. Steve H.
    Steve H. says:

    I smelled this on paper at our local Creed retailer here in K.C. and this is a wonderful feminine fragrance. I want my lady to smell like this…just stunning.

  7. RyzFragz34
    RyzFragz34 says:

    Great review guys!! I really like this stuff. Great for a woman but I really think a man can pull this off. Love the dry down and it performs really well. 🙂

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