Floris Honey Oud Review! Fantastic sweet oud!

Floris Honey Oud Review! Fantastic sweet oud!

Honey Oud by Floris is a fantastic scent that is cozy and comforting as well as masterfully blended. Just wonderful.
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31 replies
  1. VikingShaver
    VikingShaver says:

    I was gifted this in 100 ml for a shaving shop, and gave it a great review. 9/10 rating. I love it. My first Floris. What a great comforting scent. Cheers, Claus

  2. James C. Williams
    James C. Williams says:

    Great review. Love the line I have about six Florises. You can get Floris samples from Indigo Perfumery in Cleveland.

  3. windy torres
    windy torres says:

    I’m a big fan of Floris
    my signature scent back in the day was santal extreme which I really liked.but they are not making it now.i order 5ml of honey oud.cant Wait to get a good sniff lol.good video by the way.

  4. lj6583
    lj6583 says:

    I think this is a great scent. Especially, in our colder climate. I really enjoy this one.Thanks for the review. Great collaboration!

  5. mr1980chris
    mr1980chris says:

    Honey done right, sounds like a good one. Really looking forward to Daver’s review on the honey note in 18.21 Man Made Sweet Tobacco!

  6. Mohammad Mazloom
    Mohammad Mazloom says:

    So I actually like leather oud by Dior and I know you don’t. Haha! Where does this fit on the honey, oud, resin spectrum? Love the show fragrance bro!

  7. Jim R
    Jim R says:

    Loved the Bros Team! Excellent review of this fragrance. I have been looking at this one for quite some time, so I appreciate the added perspective. Floris is a brand I’ve never seen while out sniffing…but I would bling-buy Honey Oud if I could ever find it on the discount market…especially for $80 a bottle.

  8. RyzFragz34
    RyzFragz34 says:

    Great review guys!! I really need to get my nose on some Floris Fragrances. Such great history with this house. Thanks for the great vid:)

  9. Joe Maysky
    Joe Maysky says:

    Really interested in trying this as well as many other Florises thanks to you both. I love honey in fragrance, it’s sweet without being candy-like. I also want a try a new take on oud and the idea that things like labdanum are in this too makes me very interested.

  10. mr1980chris
    mr1980chris says:

    Great review! two of the frag comm’s finest with high praise for this scent, definitely gonna have to get my nose on this one!

  11. FragranceView
    FragranceView says:

    Nice bud, never sure on the note of honey.. it can swing too sickly a lot of the time, sounds nice though! Hopefully I can try it out sometime

  12. chriseqisaeqmoi
    chriseqisaeqmoi says:

    Unlike a lot of people but like a lot of people too, I LOVE OUD. Really appreciate your thoughts on this, and am so glad you liek this and that is a sweet, rich oud, as opposed to a more sour, medicinal oud. I can appreciate both but the richer are my favorites. Thanks for your feedback. It just sounds cozy, sensual, and delicious, Gunning for a sample

  13. Daniel Chen
    Daniel Chen says:

    Excellent review. Mind sharing where I can find this one for $80? Would really love to give this one a try at that price.

  14. Francisco Benitez
    Francisco Benitez says:

    I love this one! I tried it last week at the perfume department after watching your review and the next day I had to go back again to get it! They had last week 20% discount on all fragrances (corte ingles in Spain) It’s a rich, sensual, luxurious fragrance, very comforting, sweet , and the rose is very well blended. I love also how it smells on clothes after wearing it. It’s almost painful to wash it away! Very expensive but one spray is probably all you need.

  15. Simon Gray
    Simon Gray says:

    Floris Santal is one that smells great, its just a little weak. Very similar to Gucci Envy so will buy anyway.

  16. Sab Suresh
    Sab Suresh says:

    Where can I get this perfume online for getting it shipped to india .. Big time perfume addict and so badly want to have this in my collection seeing the name itself … Great going bro love your videos ..

  17. Xanovia Scents
    Xanovia Scents says:

    I’ve been wanting to get my nose on this one… Great job both of you and thanks for putting this back on my radar… ^_^

  18. He Smells Like Rome
    He Smells Like Rome says:

    This one is very intriguing. I did get a sample from Lucky Sent. They carry the house now. I will be purchasing a bottle of this one very soon. Thanks for the review guys awesome job.

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