Great Masters of the Oud A tribute to Nasser Shamma نصير شمة

Great Masters of the Oud A tribute to Nasser Shamma نصير شمة


Stephen Daldry – Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close

Adapted from the acclaimed bestseller by Jonathan Safran Foer, “Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close” is a story that unfolds from inside the young mind of Oskar Schell, an inventive eleven year-old New Yorker whose discovery of a key in his deceased father’s belongings sets him off on an urgent search across the city for the lock it will open. A year after his father died in the World Trade Center on what Oskar calls “The Worst Day,” he is determined to keep his vital connection to the man who playfully cajoled him into confronting his wildest fears. Now, as Oskar crosses the five New York boroughs in quest of the missing lock – encountering an eclectic assortment of people who are each survivors in their own way – he begins to uncover unseen links to the father he misses, to the mother who seems so far away from him and to the whole noisy, dangerous, discombobulating world around him.
Genre: Drama
Price: 14.99 USD
Collection Price: 39.99 USD

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  1. Richard Winckler
    Richard Winckler says:

    R.W. : Nasser ! tu es un fantastique artiste … à tel point, que ce mot ‘artiste’ est tellement galvaudé, que tu dépasses de beaucoup plus haut sa signification contemporaine si dégradée et vulgaire … bravo et merci !

  2. Ali Hassan
    Ali Hassan says:

    نصير شمة المتفرد بالجمال
    اعظم من عزف ع آلة العود
    دمت بذلك الالق
    لك الحب من عراقك المحزون

  3. jimouri
    jimouri says:

    wonderful. does anyone know the name of the song the first few minutes are based on? it sounds very familiar but I cannot recall its name

  4. Adriana I M Grossu
    Adriana I M Grossu says:

    With the musical genius of great Nasser Shamma, politics – i.e., the suffering of innocents at the hand of criminals – is distilled into music – where human pain goes up enrobed in the precious garb of music up to God.


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