He Wood by DSquared2 Fragrance / Cologne Review

He Wood by DSquared2 Fragrance / Cologne Review

Presentation: 1:14 | Smell: 2:03 | Rating: 4:53

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A fragrance review / cologne review of He Wood by DSquared2. Thanks for watching!

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Bottle sizes available: 1oz, 1.7oz, 3.4oz, and 5oz
Concentration: Eau de toilette

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  1. Jorge Elguera
    Jorge Elguera says:

    I have had this perfume for over three years, and it is quite unique, very fresh and sharp, in the line of FCUK perfumes.  However, I also have the Silver version and IMHO it is much better, shifting into the scents you would find in Spicebomb.

  2. seansimmons73
    seansimmons73 says:

    Like all of your videos but for the love of God would you please do a review of something we can wear for summer. I am drowning in aquatics. My shoes smell better than what most people are using now. How about a review of Bombay bling or something else that is fruity. Thanks

  3. todd2fst4u2
    todd2fst4u2 says:

    I just picked up Very Sexy Platinum for Him from Victoria’s Secret the other day. It also has a predominant violet leaf note. It’s a good fragrance if you are a fan of Abercrombie and Fitch Fierce.

  4. Jim R
    Jim R says:

    Nice review of this fragrance. I have almost ordered two or three DSquared2 fragrances, including this one, over the past two years but couldn’t get excited enough about them to complete my order.  Unfortunately, I have yet to sniff anything from this fragrance house because they are not carried by Macy’s, Sephora’s or any of the high-end department stores. Where can I put my nose on DSquared fragrances because I am not wanting to blind-buy. Thanks.

  5. Jer N
    Jer N says:

    since you mentioned violet; Grey Flannel is one which should not be skipped over either (despite the hate it gets on Youtube). it’s absolutely spectacular

  6. Xanovia Scents
    Xanovia Scents says:

    It’s a nice fragrance… I prefer Rock Mountain Wood over the original though… Great job as always…

  7. H3llHoundd
    H3llHoundd says:

    Hey I have just bought this. How long does it last during day/night? I think you said something about it late in the video, but I couldn’t get what you were saying. Thanks a lot

  8. RaciocinioPlease
    RaciocinioPlease says:

    Happy to see you reviewed this…on me it smells amazing….i see nothing simple or cheap smelling about it…it lasts on me 8 hours or more and projects very well…girls do love this on me…it is a fresh cut piece of wood having the leaves crushed on it and its juice just flowing….rocky mountain is also great….did not like silver wind wood that much….and have not tried ocean wet wood…this last one would be agreat video/addition for summer

  9. Andres Barquero
    Andres Barquero says:

    I blind bought SWW and I don’t like it at all: the opening is fine but then I get those strong florals that remind me old lady perfumes…
    Steve please review Ocean Wet Wood as it seems a very interesting twist in the crowded part of fragrances which is the aquatics.
    OMG the beard is gone! Hey I have to tell you that your face looks slimmer without that much facial hair.
    Saludos desde Costa Rica!

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