Joseph Tawadros plays an Arabic oud built by Faruk Türünz

Joseph Tawadros plays an Arabic oud built by Faruk Türünz

Oud virtuoso Joseph Tawadros playing Turkey’s foremost oudmaker Faruk Turunz’s oud.


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  1. حسن يوسف
    حسن يوسف says:

    Its a great oud!!
    alot of arabic soul and especially El Atrache>>
    the player is so so talented and the oud is superb!!!!!

  2. Rusty Shackleford
    Rusty Shackleford says:

    check out the band orphaned land. They are a folk/death/melodic metal band over from israel and their lead guitarist plays one of these.

  3. Sonamor
    Sonamor says:

    Amazing music, lol my classical guitar teacher complains when my guitar isnt on my left leg and my forearm has to rest on the body and my thumb is in the middle of the neck….hed freak if he saw this…lol


  4. wi-book
    wi-book says:

    nice played man I which I had one Oud, but the prices are to much I heared. This is a very know song

  5. farid salem
    farid salem says:

    fantastic,,,i’m a truck driver and love to listen to that while i’m in the desert of southern california

  6. Sharmila Roja
    Sharmila Roja says:

    so beautiful my friend …..very soulful…..arabic music is very mellow indeed…god bless

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