Metsatöll – Muhu Oud

Metsatöll – Muhu Oud

2011 Ulg
I will upload more songs if requested. 🙂


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  1. Dalton Spencer
    Dalton Spencer says:

    Lauri has the manliest voice ever when he speaks.
    I saw them with Tyr and Korpiklaani, and when he spoke, I swear the floor shook.

  2. Rei Pata
    Rei Pata says:

    He spoke to year 8 and 9 in my school years back. Every single time he uttered a sentence, all the girls giggled. I could have sworn something borderline illegal was taking place. Epic voice.

  3. Dirty tin can eater
    Dirty tin can eater says:

    Wow. Not often do you have a metal song where you can actually HEAR the bassist.

    Bonus points here because he sounds awesome.

  4. sillilaari
    sillilaari says:

    I want to buy this album!! I wonder if this is sold in Finland?
    It’s like I almost understand language, but then not. This is goooood!!!

  5. Jean-Sébastien Roy
    Jean-Sébastien Roy says:

    @sillilaari I am waiting the album ULG. I’m from Canada. Webshop and localisation of stock is in Finland. It will be easy for you to have it… or just go to Estonia… I had see Korpiklaani yesterday, very good band, like it very much!

  6. KoRnSweetKoRn
    KoRnSweetKoRn says:

    soetasin plaadi ja v2ga rahul, metsatöll on ikka ja alati ülikõva!!
    muhu oud on plaadilt parim!!!

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