Miracles of OUD Agarwood (English Version)

Miracles of OUD Agarwood (English Version)

Suhein Beck presents The Miracles of OUD/Agarwood in a short documentary of the GreenTree Plantation and Distillation Factory in VIETNAM. This plantation has proven to have the highest grade of OUD in purity and potency.


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  1. pancakesandtea
    pancakesandtea says:

    i want to meet you and be your friend, hehe I loved how you presented this little video well done!….I love oudh, im obsessed with perfumes that have oudh in it…its like i’m in perfume heaven, I cant get enough it, the arab perfume shop owners in London find it funny that I love  it this much considering how strong it is , but I don’t know it evokes something in me…its so comforting and takes me away to somewhere else.. I love it!! kind of amazing how a fragrance can do that. you are so lucky to have visited that agarwood plantation in vietnam

  2. fahad attarwala
    fahad attarwala says:

    we deliver all types of arbain perfume . Arabian Attars. bakhoor.Oudh .pure white honey.Ajwa dates.we deliver free sevices

  3. Suhein Beck
    Suhein Beck says:

    Thank you for your kind compliments , both on language and being Lebanese, but actually I am of 100% Circassian descent (Southern Russia Independent Republic) so technically not Arab.

  4. Daniealgogoi
    Daniealgogoi says:

    hello I m from India..i had mature agar wood trees highly infected.if ur interested call me at 9613361011

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