NEW Tom Ford Oud Minerale Review! Salty oud goodness!

NEW Tom Ford Oud Minerale Review! Salty oud goodness!

Here’s my take on one of Tom Ford’s newest scents from his Private Blend line! Oud Minerale!
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23 replies
  1. Michael McDonald
    Michael McDonald says:

    Maybe if you’re a bearded man who wears gray swim shorts and stands on a gray stony beach every day, this is worth a purchase. Otherwise, lol, just no.

  2. Fraser Kerr
    Fraser Kerr says:

    Absolutely awfull, TF is taking the
    Piss and thinks he can knock out anything playing on his name, come to think about it. It does smell off piss

  3. Baer17
    Baer17 says:

    I wore it today for the 1st time. My wife is next to me as we watch your review. Her comment. "it really stinks" ". In fairness She dislikes 99.9% of what I wear. I think she may be mad for a while as this is right in my wheelhouse. Nice review. Thanks

  4. Michael McDonald
    Michael McDonald says:

    To me this smells nothing like Every Storm a Serenade. If you want to smell something identical to the Imaginary Author, smell Jo Malone Incense & Cedrat 🙂

  5. lj6583
    lj6583 says:

    I like it. Smelled it only once. Not sure if it is bottle worthy. However, I do like the earthy vibe I got out of it. Thank you for the review, Dave!

  6. 0Shells
    0Shells says:

    It reminded me of driftwood washing ashore on a stoned beach. It does well to try a sample of this. I tried it at Nordstroms and it was okay, but when I finally left the fragrance area and went outside it was amazing. i guessed the other smells had threw me off. Definitely will get a flacon.

  7. ejtullis
    ejtullis says:

    To me its like walking on the beach shore line then sitting by a camp fire. My first wear was in a light rain … beautiful! Oud Wood Intense coming soon.

  8. Adriano Bello
    Adriano Bello says:

    I really enjoy it as well, and contrary to other reviews I do pick up the Oud for sure.. its exactly as you described it Dave, it has that realistic seashore aquatic vibe going for it with the added spices and oud to give it an edge. Very nice indeed!

  9. Cologniano D Reviews TBA
    Cologniano D Reviews TBA says:

    Unbelievable. I am getting an Invictus Aqua vibe. Really! The Marine notes, Pink Pepper and Oud. I had both on each arm the other day and noticed a similarity. Aqua is brighter, Minerale is more dense. Not kidding….

  10. Professor X
    Professor X says:

    I tried this at Nordstrom and found Oud Minerale to stink on my skin. Not a fan of this scent at all. 1/5 for me.

  11. John Brocado
    John Brocado says:

    Would you consider reviewing oud wood intense it’s tom fords brand new fragrance it’s not out in stores yet but I think you can get samples online. Would love your opinion!

  12. seansimmons73
    seansimmons73 says:

    Gonna try this out & thanks a bunch for the discount code. I just happen to be about to purchase 800 dollars in frags from lucky scent so your a life savior!

  13. MRah
    MRah says:

    I tried this a month ago. On me, the aquatic notes lasted a few minutes before a burning oud scent kicks in which remains until the scent disappears. Projected only 30 mins on me and lasted 3 hours.

  14. William D'Alexander
    William D'Alexander says:

    With as much as you give praise to the house of imaginary authors,,, they should be sending you a percentage…… LOL

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