Oud Wood by Tom Ford

Oud Wood by Tom Ford

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43 replies
  1. sorooshusa
    sorooshusa says:

    I dont understand why Tom Ford is so expensive. Same for Creed and Amouage and Montale and anything that is expensive like that. I can literally get more in volume of a better scent that is performing much better from Al Haramain or Armaf for fifth of the price. Take TF Rose Cafe for example. compare that to Al Haramain Maze and tell me which one you rather spend money on. its insane. With a $200 bottle TF, you are paying $160 for the name and $40 for the juice and every unbiased person knows that.

  2. Morbus H.
    Morbus H. says:

    There is a good clone of Oud Wood for 20€. It is from the company Federico Mahora and the clone is very close to the original.

  3. Mohamed AlJilani
    Mohamed AlJilani says:

    Excellent scent but very weak
    Yes I agreed one of best TF but TV is beast and TL is breathtaking

  4. miles 178
    miles 178 says:

    i suggest you to try dunhill icon absolute …I´ve got it and it´s similar to oud wood , for nice price (longevity is not the beast mode but it´s yeah, close to the skin as well)

  5. het orakel
    het orakel says:

    This is by far the most sophisticated scent I own. If you want to feel special and project that millionaire kinda vibe, this is your juice. And women definitely love it! Age: 25+

  6. Flackdiesel889
    Flackdiesel889 says:

    My favorite is Plum Jap. But Oud Wood is very good. The only problem I have with it is I can barely smell it. It’s very close to the skin for me. Very smooth like you said. It was the same for Versace Oud, I could literally not smell anything after 5 minutes.

  7. JoeSCENTMe
    JoeSCENTMe says:

    I have 5 favorites – Noire de Noir, Plumb Japonaise, Oud Wood, Tobacco Oud and Tobacco Vanille. ❤️ Speaking of ouds, if you haven’t tried Gucci Intense Oud, then I highly recommend it. I normally wouldn’t touch ouds from mainstream brands but this Oud blew me away. Beastmode and sophistication in a bottle. Let me know what you think.

  8. RayRay PooteyTang
    RayRay PooteyTang says:

    Yo my man Sy have you tried the newest TF’s "Fucking Fabulous" yet?? Interested to hear your thoughts on that one soon please!!

  9. hopey1809
    hopey1809 says:

    My by far most favourite frag! BUT it’s biggest problem: all the women hate it!! I do not even know 1 single women, who likes it at least a little.

  10. Gabriel Garcia
    Gabriel Garcia says:

    Ten point stuff for sure!
    Not mentioning the oud wood soap, and the body spray etc. Elegant masculine a class apart

  11. vakeesan
    vakeesan says:

    i’ve sampled quite a few tom ford fragrances and this one is my fave. I wore it to a black tie event and damn did i feel powerful with it. Something about it just makes you feel like you own the room. I however can’t see me wearing this to any other occasion than events or suit&tie situations and that’s why i never took the plunge to buy a bottle for myself

  12. Jose Ochoa
    Jose Ochoa says:

    Dunhill Icon Absolute is a more wearable version of Tom Ford Oud Wood, you should check it out bro!

  13. Mike Sousa
    Mike Sousa says:

    100% agree man, my favourite Tom Ford fragrance and in my top 5 all time favourite fragrances. Awesome review.

  14. Abdul Sufi
    Abdul Sufi says:

    Tuscan Leather is my favourite, followed by Oud Wood. I layer Oud Wood with Molecule 01 for more character and overall longevity.

  15. Nick Steed
    Nick Steed says:

    Great vid, Oud Wood is unequivocally my favorite fragrance of all time, I completely understand the message you were trying to get across. masterpiece!

  16. jkroner659
    jkroner659 says:

    smells like urinal cakes to me…I really thought I was going to like this but, not for me apparently.

  17. Troy Smythe
    Troy Smythe says:

    I love this fragrance, but it lasts an hour max on my skin. I know others who get the performance you do so I guess it’s a skin chemistry issue. Other Fords last just fine on my skin but they typically are florals, which I also love.

  18. Sung Kim
    Sung Kim says:

    I agree 100% the best TFPB that is most versatile and classy. Please do a review on Dior Sauvage very cool spray. Thanks!

  19. IlSecondoDaSinistra
    IlSecondoDaSinistra says:

    It doesn’t smell like all the others oud fragrances… it is just AMAZING… My favorite

  20. Mitch West
    Mitch West says:

    Not a fan of this stuff. It was a love/hate relationship but it just didn’t sit right on my skin and seemed sour and strange.

  21. Kerry Pope
    Kerry Pope says:

    I give it 10 out of 10 as well!!! It’s my favorite from Tom Ford. I have 4 vintage bottles that I can’t go without

  22. Maurice Sas
    Maurice Sas says:

    In general i hate oud scents but this one is ok. It’s not that strong like most oud scents. It’s not something that i would buy but if you are looking for a non offensive oud scent this is the best one.

  23. Peter Rivera-Pierola
    Peter Rivera-Pierola says:

    I fell in love with my sample of Oud Wood; it’s definitely my favorite from the line. That rich, yet somehow transparent woodiness is so alluring. I just can’t justify the price. Need to try Versace Oud Noir to see how close it gets for me. I do like YSL M7 Oud Absolu quite a bit however; which is closer to the TF?

  24. AACC
    AACC says:

    I own 5 fragrances from Tom Ford and Tuscan Leather is my all time favorite. The 2nd spot is a toss up between Oud Wood and Tobacco Vanille depending on my mood on that particular day. I love Oud Wood and that’s the only reason I bought it.

  25. alexpoulin
    alexpoulin says:

    guys don’t be cheap and try to settle for an alternative to TF Oud Wood. There’s no sense in buying a mediocre fragrance then being disapointed when it doesn’t perform well. No other fragrance comes closeto the Oud Wood dry down.
    Magical. Lasts days on clothes! Speaking from experience here.

  26. Leel Sinai
    Leel Sinai says:

    I brought TF Oud Wood with me on a family roots trip to Poland and it’s taken on a whole new meaning for me. I fell in love with the scent and I have some really strong scent memories and emotions tied to it now. Will always have this in my collection.

  27. Nathan Fuller
    Nathan Fuller says:

    I would probably agree that this is my favorite Tom Ford fragrance.  I have sprayed this on before I’ve went to bed because I was dying to smell it.  It’s addictive.  I see that this is the #2 best selling fragrance on Sephora and that’s a little hard to believe.  But I guess everybody is catching on to this masterpiece.

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