Rochas Oud Mystere + Eau De Rochas Homme First Impressions – Great Cheapies Under $60

Rochas Oud Mystere + Eau De Rochas Homme First Impressions – Great Cheapies Under $60

Rochas Oud Mystere + Eau De Rochas Pour Homme First Impressions
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Rochas Oud Mystere + Eau De Rochas Homme First Impressions

This is my Rochas Oud Mystere + Eau De Rochas Homme First Impressions. A first impressions review for Rochas Oud Mystere and Rochas Eau De Rochas Homme. Rochas is a fashion/designer house out of France but rarely spoken about on YouTube in the fragrance community but offer some excellent fragrances and perfumes. Two of the excellent releases from this house are Oud Mystere from the Secret De Rochas Collection and the classic gentlemen’s fragrance Eau De Rochas Homme. If you do not know these fragrances do check them out as they are both excellent.

Rochas Oud Mystere from Secret De Rochas collection
Nose: Jean Michel Duriez

Rose, Saffron, Oud, Woodsy Notes, Spices, Patchouli, Gardenia, Olibanum

Rochas Eau De Rochas Homme
Nose: Nicolas Mammounas

Lime, Lemon, Lemon Verbena, Bergamot, Vetiver, Oakmoss, Aldehydes, Orange, Basil, Cedar, Coriander, Freesia, Musk, Carnation, Lily Of The Valley, Violet, Jasmin, Rose, Amber

As always please watch, rate, comment and share this video and please subscribe to this channel if you haven’t yet. And please stay tuned for more videos and giveaways real soon! Rochas Oud Mystere and Eau De Rochas Homme were purchased by me for this review. The views and opinions for Rochas Oud Mystere and Eau De Rochas Homme are all my own. If you are interested in these fragrances please buy samples or decants prior to buying full bottles. What I might like you might not or vice versa. So I cannot guarantee you will react the same way to these or any fragrances I discuss on this channel the way I have. Thank you.

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22 replies
  1. Neo Guy
    Neo Guy says:

    Probably Rochas Man is one of the most known of this house. It is too sweet for me and sold it. I own Desir de Rochas Men and it is actually very nice. A bit off the path of men’s freshies but still summery. Give it a try. I also own Eau de Rochas Fraiche (w) but I don’t care much for it.

  2. pandora p
    pandora p says:

    Nice take on these relatively cheap ones, Seb. $60 for me is like mid-range territory : ). How’s the performance of Eau de Rochas on your skin?

  3. Адам Томпсон
    Адам Томпсон says:

    Only Rochas I have is Rochas Man, it’s amazing! I even bought a backup bottle.

  4. Mrs Press
    Mrs Press says:

    I’ve been wondering about Oud Mystere but couldn’t find any decent reviews on it. Gardenia makes me a bit nervous…is it noticeable in this? I love Femme Rochas, it’s so freaking good. So sad that it’s been discontinued.

  5. Bernie777
    Bernie777 says:

    Nice review, sir. I found these on FragranceX for $24. The OUD will deffinately be mine! Thanks again.

  6. FMC
    FMC says:

    I have not tried oud mystere but have few bottles of vintage eau de rochas. It is often overlooked and a brilliant composition

  7. Elle J
    Elle J says:

    Excited to see an "affordable" review without coming off like you would be "compromising" when purchasing it. I have seen Rochas mentioned in magazine articles in the past and online mentions but just didn’t have a clue as to where to purchase or test it out.

  8. edward gurango
    edward gurango says:

    Back in college I had a classmate who wore something by Rochas. I don’t know if it’s the Eau de Rochas but I thought, then, it was better smelling than the English Leather I was wearing! That was in the 70s by the way.

  9. Johmathan .B. Swift
    Johmathan .B. Swift says:

    I had Rochas differently shaped one .
    Once the alcohol burned of , I did very much like it.
    It didn’t last at all though, but for the price , I think I got it for under $20, you could spray all day.
    I traded it for something. I might get it back just for a conversation piece.
    If you left it out in the open, someone is going to say something.
    Mmmmmm, maybe it would make a nice Christmas present.

  10. Jim R
    Jim R says:

    Very nice…as you know, I love a Good Cheapie…some put to shame many expensive, dare I say overpriced, niche and designer scents.

  11. Frank G
    Frank G says:

    Hi Sebastian. Great review. I’ve never heard of these two but I do like the scent of oud and would like to try these. For the price you can’t beat it.

  12. Brooklyn Fragrance Lover
    Brooklyn Fragrance Lover says:

    Hi Seb, thanks for sharing this house, which I’ve never had any experience with. Can you PM when you can? Thanks.



  14. The Bopper
    The Bopper says:

    FYI….You can grab a bottle of Eau De Rochas on Ebay for around $25….Perfume Empire…I’ve boughts lots from them.

  15. Derek Borow
    Derek Borow says:

    Rochas Oud Mystere is, at least on Fragrantica, marketed for women. Do you feel that it’s is unisex enough for most men to pull off? I like Rose in fragrances like Cartier Declaration d’un soir and saffron in CH men. Does this have any similarities to either of those?

  16. Mansoor Wahab
    Mansoor Wahab says:

    Alright, just blind bought Oud mystere because I love rose/oud. Hopefully it won’t disappoint.

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