Sergio Herman prepares a dish at Oud Sluis

Sergio Herman prepares a dish at Oud Sluis

Chef Patron Sergio Herman prepares a dish at 3 Michelin star Oud Sluis in The Netherlands. Read and see more at – only about the best restaurants in the world!


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  1. ElBulPagani
    ElBulPagani says:

    @red3mon Don’t mock about his jewelries, It doesn’t make him a bum. Look at the hygiene problems there were at The Fat Duck and Noma, are Blumenthal and Redzepi bad chefs now? Don’t blame Holland’s best chef for a single mistake that he made

  2. johnnyboy wrap
    johnnyboy wrap says:

    Man I love these guys!!
    Little No No, licks his finger while placing caviar on top, then proceeds in doing it again.
    At least not on video.
    wbstars, great job!
    PS Nice jacket Sergio!

  3. Rasyphus
    Rasyphus says:

    Even without his jewelries, he’s still a not practicing good hygiene. Look at 1.08 – 1.21, how he plates the caviar. He’s fucking licking his finger after each placement. How is that hygienic? Worse of all, he’s doing it in front of the damn cameras. Load of crap in my opinion. 3-Stars food? Maybe, 3-stars hygiene? My ass

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