Skrillex- Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites (Oud cover) by Ahmed Ashaiba

Skrillex- Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites (Oud cover) by Ahmed Ashaiba

This is my attempt to do some “Dubstep” on Oud, Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites for Skrillex was my favorite so that’s the one I picked to play!
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  1. Laila Sami
    Laila Sami says:

    oh my GOD you are just genius I can’t believe how you do that you really deserve bellliooonns and thousaaaaaands of likes I really like what you do keep going and GOd bless you

  2. Alsaid Alaa
    Alsaid Alaa says:

    Hey Ahmed, here you were playing what you love and what reflects your art strongly, play such music which gives the strings more Oud role!!
    best wishes from Yemen.

  3. Diego Grande Camarero
    Diego Grande Camarero says:

    Amazing. Love all your covers! How many time did you spend on creating this song (the "nowadays hits", in general)? and when did you started to play the oud?

  4. Bibi Bibi
    Bibi Bibi says:

    روعة و مبدع و فنان بكل ما للكلمة من معنى رقي و جمال و عذب اللحن جميل جدا / تحيىة لك من الجزائر

  5. Ebrahim Ayman Khodier
    Ebrahim Ayman Khodier says:

    انت عبقرى فى اللى انت بتعمله
    انا بحب الغربى والشرقى زيك برضو
    من مصر

  6. Stefan Chivu
    Stefan Chivu says:

    Super instrumental Dubstep! Is unbelievable which traditional instruments compose a dubstep melody! Congratulations Ahmed Alshaiba

  7. Iced Mucca
    Iced Mucca says:

    Would you please stop talking during the video? You are ruining the beauty of the music. Please please please stop doing that.

  8. Anas AbdulWahab
    Anas AbdulWahab says:

    When i saw the title, i said "How could he possibly do that?!! Oud Cover ?? " but you did it, great cover man

  9. isfoors di zaynsinz
    isfoors di zaynsinz says:

    مرحبا احمد كيفك يا استاذ
    عندي سوال
    بخصوص آلة القانون هل فكرت تضيفها
    على موسيقاك وعزفك
    وايضا الناي وبعض الالات الموسيقية العربية التقليدية
    وكمان شو رايك بالربابة ؟

  10. Muhammed Ali
    Muhammed Ali says:

    لا تبخل. علينا بالنشيد الوطني اليمني حفظك الله. اخي احمد ووفقك.

  11. josali jabbar
    josali jabbar says:

    wow man u r the best but i dont undrstan why u have not so mach viwes i shard u in my fb accound and my outher accounds

  12. Sarah Mekiri
    Sarah Mekiri says:

    تختفي الكلمات مع هذا المبدع فلا توجد عبارة توفيه حقه ابدا

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