taqsim arabic oud music – سهرة مع تقاسيم عزف عود

taqsim arabic oud music – سهرة مع تقاسيم عزف عود

arabic guitar oud nahwand taksim
Oud classic arabic music تقاسيم عود : عزف عود
simon shaheen.


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  1. 39Thorns
    39Thorns says:

    Oud is capable of such rich sounds and range of expression. Truly the noblest stringed instrument, underappreciated in the West.

  2. bilal hama
    bilal hama says:

    استاذ سيمون انت خطير بما تعنيه الكلمة من معنى وياليتني اقدر صير متلك يا استاذي او احسن قرب لمستواك شوي مو اكتر لأن انت لا تجابه والحق يقال موفق ❤❤

  3. Ree khaled
    Ree khaled says:

    You all if you really like oud you should listen to عبادي الجوهر he is the real master of oud also عبد الوهاب and the Master of real masters السنباطي

  4. davide forcesdz
    davide forcesdz says:

    لم امل او اكره من هذه المقطوعة الموسيقية و الله ابداع و فن بالاخص الناي

  5. Saudi Arabia News
    Saudi Arabia News says:

    I wish that all the Muslim, Christians, and Jew can stop fighting and be
    friends. Maybe I don’t really know why they are but the only thing
    that I know is that peace bring happiness and love. If only world peace
    was real.

  6. henry müller
    henry müller says:

    Such a deep pleasure and inner peace to listen and Play this Instrument and this Arabic Music. I am Swiss and am learning it since some years – now able to play modest taksims …

  7. Hassan Hamdan
    Hassan Hamdan says:

    من اروع عازفين العود على الاطلاق ولا يوجد مقارنه بينه وبين اي عازف اخر سيمون شاهين الاسطوره

  8. Cancioneiro da Resistência
    Cancioneiro da Resistência says:

    Baita música, baita instrumento. Eu sou brasileiro e como é difícil achar um Oud aqui pra vender e eu entendo de marcenaria estudei, peguei umas dicas com o Theodoropoulos e outros luthiers aqui no youtube e estou quase acabando um oud que fiz na oficina do meu pai. Tá lindão o bicho, só preciso comprar as cordas.

  9. Willow Silos
    Willow Silos says:

    if you listen carefully it sounds like the muslim call to prayer tune you hear everytime at mosque.. is it just me or anyone hearing the same?

  10. davide forcesdz
    davide forcesdz says:

    للمرة الالف اعيد مشاهدة هذا المقطع الله الله على الفن الف مليون ترليون بليون تحية من الجزائر


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