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  1. Syd Kbs
    Syd Kbs says:

    Muslims are the only group of people that smell good, maintain personal hygiene by washing themselves with water after using the toilet as instructed in their religious scriptures, shave pubic hair, trim their mustaches and grow that awesome beard. I’ve lived in 4 different countries amongst Muslims from around the world and they are the best in morals specially to women and children.

  2. KD
    KD says:


    The truth hurts you i can see. And you need to do some more research online about how Islam treats women. Why not ask the women who are converting in the WEST, whats so beautiful about Islam that you are leaving behind the religion of your forefathers! FYI Islam is the fastest growing religion in the WEST ( CIA / FBI STATS ) , and Females are the highest %.
    Of course you cannot and will not be able to change such facts, all you can do is vent online and show the world the true colors of how your parents raised you. 🙂

    Peace! the world is watching.

  3. Murad Khair
    Murad Khair says:

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